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Slip Disc Treatment in Delhi

best slip disc treatment in delhi

Your spinal cord is a combination of bones, it is also known as vertebrae. A slipped disc is characterized as a problem with rubbery cushion (disc) between your vertebrae. The other name for a slipped disc is a herniated disc. A herniated disc can happen at any location of your spinal cord and it can affect or irritates the nearby nerves too. The pain, weakness, and numbness or tingling you experience in your arm or leg is dependent on the location of slip/ herniated disc. Disc bulging is also a type of slip disc, and it occurs when your disc expands in between the vertebrae. This condition extends and gets worsen with time.

If you are looking for the best slip disc treatment in Delhi, then you should contact us at Spine and Brain India and Dr. Vijay Gupta is the Best doctor for slip disc in Delhi.

1.Signs and symptoms of slip disc

The slipped disc mostly happens in your lower back area, though it can occur in your neck as well. However, the signs and symptoms of the slip disc depend on the disc’s location. It mostly affects one side of your body.
Arms and legs pain – If slip disc occurs in your lower back then you may feel pain in legs and if the slip disc happens in your neck area then you may experience the pain in your arms or shoulders.
Numbness – You may experience numbness or tingling in your body parts which are connected to the affected nerves.
Weakness – You may feel that your muscles are weakening that is connected with the affected nerves.
You should consult a neurosurgeon if you seek any help with the herniated disc or slip disc treatment in India.

Your doctor or the neurosurgeon performs a physical test at your back to check its tenderness and flexibility. They may also perform the following exams such as
Neurological exams: To check the reflexes, muscle strength, ability to walk or stand, and sensations.
Imaging test: X-ray, computed tomography (CT) scan, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), myelogram.
Nerve test: Nerve conduction study, electromyography (EMG)

The slip disc treatment in Delhi can be done with:
Medications: Such as over the counter pain medications, cortisone injections, muscle relaxers, and opioids.
Therapy: Physical therapies suggested by the doctors, such as positions and exercises to get relief from the pain.
Surgery: The doctor may recommend you undergo surgery if you are not being benefitted with the medications and the therapies you already had but there is no improvement in your pain, numbness, and difficulty in moving or standing.

India is one of the newest medical destinations for slip disc surgery and the slip disc surgery cost in India is comparably at the lower side than the western part of the world such as the USA and UK. VK Neurocare India is well equipped with advanced technologies and Dr. Vijay Gupta is a specialist in performing different types of slip disc surgery. The slip disc surgery cost in India depends on the hospital and the type of surgery performed.
We at VK Neurocare India offer the best neurosurgical problems for your slip disc treatment in Delhi with the highest level of service which is delivered conveniently to you with cost-effectiveness.

Please call us at 7685934444 and we would be happy to assist you with your requirements.