neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Disc Herniation

A herniated disk result in back pain, pain or sensation in different parts of the body, and physical disability.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar

It Is Degenerative condition that may worsen as a person grows older, and can affect any region of the spine.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Degenerative Disc Disease

Degenerative disc disease is associated with changes in these intervertebral discs that arise with age.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Brain Tumor Surgery

To remove a brаіn tumour, аn ореnіng іѕ mаdе іn thе ѕkull. Thіѕ operation іѕ called a сrаnіоtоmу.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Brain Surgery

It is a critical and complicated process.Brain surgeons are trained to perform craniotomy with great care.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Headache Treatment

The headache usually goes away with the medications as prescribed by the doctors.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar


neurosurgeon in yamunanagar

We have 24*7 emergency facility. And we provide online consultation to our patients.You can book your appointment easily online. Dr VK Gupta is the best neurosurgeon in Yamunanagar with more than 10000 happy patients. Services we offer are:

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Cervical Spine Surgery

The cervical spine is at risk for developing a number of painful conditions like Cervical degenerative disc disease,Cervical herniated disc,Cervical stenosis, Cervical osteoarthritis which needs surgery.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Spinal Stenosis Surgery

In Cervical Stenosis neck’s protective spinal; canal narrows due to trauma or degenerative changes.In Lumbar Stenosis Surgery there is narrowing occurs in the spinal region of the lower back. It is the most common type of spinal stenosis

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Scoliosis Treatment

Depending on the degree of curve of the spine. The scoliosis treatment options are: bracing, underarm brace, Milwaukee brace

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Cerebrovascular malformation

A cerebrovascular malformation is an abnormal blood vessel formation in the brain.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Paediatric Neurosurgery

It deals with treatment of neurological problems in children.

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
VK Neurocare Trauma

VK neurocare provide neuro treatment in trauma cases.

Best Neurosurgeon In Yamunanagar

neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
neurosurgeon in yamunanagar
Dr. Vijay Kumar Gupta

Dr. V K Gupta is one of the most eminent and distinguished Senior Neurosurgeons in Yamunanagar, Haryana. He has done his M.B.B.S from MLN Medical college Allahabad & MD from PGI Chandigarh. He completed M.Ch (Neurosurgery) and has 25 Years of Experience. This was followed by a Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgery. Working as Director and Neurosurgeon at V K Neurocare and Trauma Research Hospital. His expertise is in Skull Base tumor surgery, Brain Tumor surgery, Epilepsy surgery, Complex Spine surgery with or without Instrumentation, Craniovertebral Anomalies, Complex Spine & Reconstructive surgery, Spinal Cord Tumor surgery.

  • M.B.B.S, MLN Medical college, Allahabad
  • MD, PGI, Chandigarh
  • M.Ch (Neurosurgery) PGIMER, Chandigarh, India
  • Fellowship in Complex Spine Surgery
  • Associations
  • Full Member of Neurological Society of India
  • Member of Delhi Neurological Association
  • Member of Neurotrauma Society of India.
  • Member of India Society of critical care Medicine.
  • Member of Skull Base Society of India.
  • Member Asian Oceanic International Congress on Skull Base Surgery.
  • Member Indian Society of cerebro-vascular Society




neurosurgeon in yamunanagar

Frequently Asked Questions

VK neurocare is the best clinic of neurosurgeon in Yamunanagar. Dr VK Gupta is the best Neurosurgeon in Yamunanagar with more than 10000 happy patients.

Dr VK Gupta is the best neurosurgeon in Yamunanagar.He is Mbbs, MD, M.Ch. His specialities are
1. Skull Base tumor surgery
2. Brain Tumor surgery
3. Epilepsy surgery
4. Complex Spine surgery

We will issue a visa invitation letter (VIL) free of cost on sharing the passport copies of the patient and the attendant.