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Brain Surgery in India - A Surgeon's Viewpoint

best brain surgeon in india

Brain surgery involves a number of medical procedures and processes that are aimed at repairing structural problems in the brain. There are a number of procedures associated with the term brain surgery. These procedures are considered different based on the area of the brain where they are applied as well as the condition they are intended to treat. Brain Surgery in India has greatly advanced employing the use of modern medical technology in achieving successful procedures. This advancement has made it possible for surgeons to operate on sections of the brain without the need for making an incision in or near the head.
The brain is a very important organ of the body. The brain is responsible for controlling and coordinating the body functions. The term “brain surgery” refers to several medical procedures that involve repairing the problems relating to the structure of the brain.

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Types of Brain surgeries in India

Brain surgeons are trained to handle each surgery on a case-to-case basis. This is key because every case they handle has its unique feature despite the similarities in symptoms from patient to patient. This begs the need for extreme care and thorough practice when handling the procedures. Additionally, as earlier stated, every brain surgery to be performed is greatly hinged on the condition that is being treated. A brain aneurysm, for instance, can be repaired using a catheter that is implanted into an artery in the groin area. However, an open surgery referred to as a craniotomy is employed if in any case the aneurysm ruptures. Spine Brain surgery in India understands the importance of the brain in optimal functioning of the central nervous system, a system formed by the brain and the spinal cord. Therefore, brain surgery ensures that the network of nerves, tissues, and fibers that form the CNS are repaired in order to restore normal body functions. Brain Surgery is of various types. The type of brain surgery depends on the area of the brain and the medical condition at hand. Brain Surgery is a very complicated process. Advancements in medical technology have made it possible for surgeons to operate the brain without any incision in the head.
Brain Surgery helps in correcting the abnormalities in the brain which can be present due to birth defects, disease or injury. Some of the conditions that may require brain surgery are aneurysm, blood clots, and abnormal blood vessels. Depending upon various parameters like problems, severity, level of the wound there is various kind of brain surgery that is performed by the best brain surgeon in India.

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1.There different types of Brain surgery in India are:

Craniotomy: In this process, a small incision is made in the scalp to create a small hole known as a bone flap. After the procedure, in cases of tumor or infection, the hole may be left open. If there is any infection, tumor or swelling in the brain, then surgeons perform this type of operation.
Minimally Invasive Neuroendoscopy: This process uses endoscopes to remove brain tumors. Biopsy: In this method, a small portion of brain tissue is removed for it to be examined under the microscope. It involves a small incision and hole in the skull. Biopsy is not a fully fledged operation under the precision tool of brain surgeons; rather it is a mechanism to decide the kind and form of treatment that you will need for your brain issues.
Deep Brain Stimulation: In this process, the brain surgery specialist makes a small hole in the skull. The hole is used to insert an electrode that is connected to a battery at the chest and electric signals are transmitted to help with symptoms of different diseases.
Minimally Invasive Endonasal Endoscopic Surgery: In this type of surgery, the est brain surgeon in India removed the tumor through the nose and sinuses. This process also uses an endoscope. If you don’t want to have a hole in your head, then this one is the best mechanism that is used in most of the Brain Surgery in India. Doctors, in this case, remove the lesions or tumors from the brain through the nostrils.
We help patients restore communication between the brain and other parts of the body. The spinal cord forms the pathway for the transmission of these impulses and, therefore, it is very important. It is impossible to talk about normal functioning without mentioning this relationship between the spinal cord and the brain. For optimal functioning of the CNS, the brain needs to be functioning properly without any structural problems. Through brain surgery, normal functioning of the brain is achieved. However, it is important to get to know the different conditions that may necessitate surgery of the brain. These conditions include abnormal blood vessels, blood clots, abscesses, Parkinson’s disease, pressure after sustaining a head injury, skull fracture, and much more. Brain surgery may help correct these conditions, however, the procedure may not be necessary especially if they pose a risk for more serious health problems.

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The symptoms of brain surgery vary from one medical condition to another. The surgery depends on the type and severity of the medical condition. Some brain conditions that may require surgery are brain cancer, infections, subdural hematoma, and intraventricular bleed, to name some. Some general symptoms are headache, nausea, seizures, and vomiting.

The brain is the most important part of the body that controls most of the movement and function of our body. Thus, if there is any issue with our brain that can’t be handled with the medicine, Best brain surgeon in India suggest going for a brain surgery. Depending upon the severity, damage and lesions, brain surgery is performed by the doctors in and around the affected areas. In order to successfully perform brain surgery, doctors require a high amount of expertise and a great deal of patience; otherwise, it may lead to a terrible mishap. Knowing these things, you might be thinking which one is the best place to have proper brain surgery! Isn’t it? Well, nothing to worry, because Brain Surgery in India has reached the zenith of success and always ready to provide you the best in class service. Before knowing, why India is the best place for your brain surgery, let’s look into the facts related to this treatment and how Best brain surgeon in India this regard can be beneficial for you.

Brain surgery is a very delicate procedure. It is only performed when there are no other options left. During such an operation, there is the risk of bleeding and infection to the brain. This is the reason that this kind of surgery needs utmost care and cautions. Beside such risks mentioned, the patient may also be prone to injury of brain tissue and blood vessel. The most critical complication can be a loss of mental functions such as memory, speech and understanding although some cases may only be temporary. Most VK Neurocare India surgeries are done without too much time to decide about it, such as in medical cases that need urgent attention. Another critical part is after the operations. Post operation care is very vital to the patient. Somebody has to be really dedicated to care for the patient who had undergone brain surgery.

Brain surgery is done in cases when the patient has to be cured of cerebral aneurysms, brain tumors, and brain hemorrhage. Aside from these reasons, brain surgery is also done in case of abnormal blood and weak blood vessels. This is a condition known as arteriovenous malformation. Brain surgery is also necessary to repair damage to tissue covering the brain. This kind of operation is also performed to relieve severe nerve or facial pain like tic douloureux and trigeminal neuralgia or to remove pockets of infection in the brain. Brain surgery is also done to repair skull fractures and remove trauma of the skull.

Brain surgery is a highly complicated treatment that involves lots of steps.

  • At first place, scalp is shaved and cleaned with disinfectants Next part is to make a hole in the scalp. Doctors use precision tools and drills to make a hole in the skull.
  • Once the drilling is complete, the upper scalp is temporarily removed and kept aside so that doctors can easily access the brain.
  • Here comes the main function of the experienced Best brain surgeon in India like Dr. Vijay Gupta. Operation is carried out under the supervision of specialized doctors according to the results of brain mapping.
  • Once the operation is done, separated part of scalp is restored to its original position and the skin is stitched.

Well, now the operation is done and it’s time to wait for speedy recovery.

India has become one of the top destinations for brain surgery through the rapid development of medical services. With the “Brain surgery cost in India” effective treatment and coupled with high-quality equipment as well as experienced doctors, brain surgery in India has reached new highs.
Making yourself aware regarding all the aspects of brain surgery is important to prepare for the treatment. Moreover, knowing the details will help you to decide the ideal place for your brain surgery and choose such a place that will lead you to a better post-surgery life. So, if you are looking for the ideal place to have brain surgery, then except India, it can't be any place in the world.

Dr. Vijay Gupta is the Director and Head of the Neurosurgery Unit at VK Neurocare India. The doctor has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience to boot throughout his fifteen years in practice. This level of expertise has brought him an outstanding success rate throughout his career having performed over 7,000 neurosurgical procedures. The doctor ensures that all his patients are taken through all the necessary optional treatment present before resorting to performing a surgery with normal Brain surgery cost in India. This aspect is important because not all conditions that affect the brain require treatment through a brain surgery.
VK Neurocare India hospital offers comprehensive brain surgery for all the patients that are brought to their attention. The facility is well equipped to handle the most complex types of brain surgery procedures making it possible for its surgeons to handle procedures like minimally invasive endonasal endoscopic surgery. The facility shows its prowess in the area of brain surgery from the point of diagnosing the different conditions affecting the brain. This kind of investment paired with a team of competent specialists, the facility guarantees the highest success rates that are imaginable in the field of brain surgery.