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Brain Aneurysm Treatment in India

cost of brain aneurysm surgery in india

What is Brain Aneurysm Repair?
Brain aneurysm repair is a surgery that is basically used to repair aneurysm. This is a weak area in the blood vessels which cause the blood vessels to explode or burst out sometimes. Aneurysm basically means an excessive localized swelling at the wall of an artery. It is basically caused due to –

  • Bleeding into the CSF around the brain.
  • Bleeding into the brain that forms a collection of blood (Hematoma)
Brain aneurysm means a weak part in the blood vessel in the brain that balloons up and fills with blood or sometimes also bursts out. Brain aneurysm mainly occurs in the underside of the brain and at the base of the skull.

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Types of Brain Aneurysm Treatment in India

To repair the brain aneurysm and other aneurysm there are two methods which are

  • In open craniotomy, clipping is done.
  • In endovascular repair, a coil or coiling and stenting is often used.
In an aneurysm clipping:
You are given a general anaesthesia and a breathing tube. After that your scalp, skull and the covering of the brain is opened. A metal clip is placed at the base to prevent aneurysm from bursting.
In a endovascular repair:
You may be given general anaesthesia or just medicine to relax and not one that gives you sleep. A catheter is guided through a small cut, then contrast material is injected through catheter. Then thin metal wire are put in the aneurysm. After that they then coil into a mesh ball. During and after the procedure you might be given a blood thinner. These medicines protect you from dangerous blood clot.

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1.Before the Procedure brain aneurysm treatment in India

This procedure is generally done in an emergency case. If it is not an emergency then all your health history should be known by the doctor. Try to quit smoking and tell your doctor if you consume alcohol.

After the procedure, the doctor may keep you under observation for 4-6 days or may be 1 or 2 weeks or longer.

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