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Back Pain Treatment in India

best back pain doctor in india

Back Pain or Lower Back Pain is one of the most common reasons behind a doctor’s visit. Back Pain is a medical condition in which a part or parts of the lower back such as ligaments, muscles, nerves or vertebrae suffer a problem leading to pain. Back Pain is a problem which most people face at least once during their lifetime due to various reasons.

Back Pain doesn’t arise out of disease but due to different reasons such as over lifting, prolonged sitting, prolonged lying down, sleeping in the wrong position, or lifting heavy objects incorrectly. The pain in the back can vary from basic discomfort to disability. On the brighter side, back pain is preventable. In most cases of back pain, proper back pain treatment can heal the back within a matter of a few weeks keeping it functional. However, sometimes, in a situation of severity, back pain surgery may be needed to heal back pain.

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What are the symptoms of back pain treatment in India?

Signs and Symptoms of Back Pain can include:

  • Constant or Stabbing Pain
  • Pain extending down to your legs
  • Trouble in walking, sleeping and performing daily activities
  • Tingling sensation or numbness in one or both legs
  • Muscle Pain

Factors that increase the chances of back pain: Not everybody might suffer from a severe back ache. The back-pain surgeons in India informed some of the most specific factors which make a person more likely to have a lingering back problem.

  • Old age
  • Poor Physical unfitness
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Diabetes
  • Chronic Kidney Disease
  • Occupational hazards, like lifting heavy weights, twisting spine while pulling or pushing etc
  • Being Overweight
  • In case of diseases like arthritis and cancer etc

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1.When should you see the best doctor for back pain in India?

Back pain surgery is a common problem. We all come across it. Usually, it goes away on its own. In a normal case, a person would recover from the pain in a few weeks, without any treatment given. However, the best BACK PAIN TREATMENT doctors in India recommend that in case, it gets severe and becomes problematic, one should consider taking a break and just have some proper bed rest for a few days. Don’t wait too long for the back pain to disappear on itself, if it shows no improvement within a week. This is a red flag, and one should contact the spine doctor, as soon as possible. A spine specialist is a health professional who specializes mainly in treating spine conditions. There are several common specialists who fall under the category of a spine specialist. Some of them are neurosurgeons, pain management physicians, chiropractors, physiatrists, physical therapists, orthopedic surgeons, anaesthesiologists, and many rheumatologists and neurologists. According to the best doctor for back pain in India, there are other symptoms too which point to a serious problem. Some cases of back pain may improve through self-care and back pain treatment at home within a few weeks. Sometimes, when back pain doesn’t improve, there may be an underlying medical problem which should get immediate attention like:

  • Trouble with passing stool along with fever
  • Trauma due to a car crash or fall

Find the Best doctor For Back pain treatment in India

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The red flags are:

  • A constant, severe pain while lying down, or at night also.
  • When the back ache is accompanied with some kind of fever
  • If the pain is spreading from back to the legs, more so, extending down your knees
  • If there is a swelling or redness on the back
  • Loss of control of bowel or bladder along with back pain treatment
  • If the person feels weakness or any kind of numbness in one or both the legs
  • If the pain is accompanied with sudden weight loss, without any change in the diet
  • In case of accidents
  • If there has been a history of cancer disease, and the back problem is added along
  • If it has been more than a month and the pain still persists

There are multiple types of causes that contribute to a serious back problem, states one of the best back pain surgeons in India. This may be due to some physical factors, diseases and other medical conditions. Some of the most common factors being:

  • Ruptured disks
  • Muscular Spasms
  • Injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Kidney stones
  • Infections
  • Endometriosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Tumours

Back Pain can be classified into three categories:

  • Acute: Acute Back Pain is a term that is used when the pain lasts less than a month.
  • Subacute: Subacute Back Pain is a term used when the pain lasts anywhere between one month to three months.
  • Chronic: Chronic Back Pain is when the pain lasts over three months.

Along with these, back pain mostly occurs in four specific areas:

  • Cervical Region: Also known as the Neck
  • Thoracic Region: Also known as the Upper Back
  • Lumbar Region: Also known as the Lower Back
  • Sacral & Coccyx Region: Also known as the Tailbone
  • Find the Best doctor For Back pain treatment in India

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    Depending on a person’s mobility, the back pain specialist near me will recommend back pain treatment. Just like every person is different, every person will also require a different back pain treatment in India. In the case of acute back pain, over the counter pain relievers will do the job for treating pain.

    Type of medicines for back pain treatment in India.
    Medicines: Some medications options which can be used, on the recommendation of the lower back pain specialist in Delhi, are:

    • OTC Pain Relievers:Some of the common nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are ibuprofen such as Advil or naproxen sodium. These NSAIDs can be used to treat acute back pain. Overusing these can lead to serious side effects.
    • Injections:If the pain isn’t controlled and radiates down to the legs, you may need to inject anti-inflammatory medication or medicine to numb the epidural space.
    • Muscle Relaxants: Doctors may prescribe muscle relaxants if the OTC pain relievers don’t cure back pain. Muscle Relaxants can make a person feel dizzy.
    • Antidepressants:Some antidepressants prescribed in low dosages have proven to relieve some types of chronic back pain.
    • Narcotics: Some drugs such as oxycodone, or hydrocodone which contain opioids can be used for a short duration with the supervision of the back doctor near me.

    Other than medication, some other back pain treatment options for treatment of back pain are:

    • Physical Exercise & Therapy: Physical therapy can include a variety of back pain treatments such as ultrasound, heat, electrical stimulation, or muscle release techniques to improve back pain. Along with that, various exercises can be used to improve strength, increase flexibility & mobility and improve posture. Regularity and Consistency can prevent the pain from coming back. Back Pain Surgery is usually done in case of structural problems such as spinal stenosis or a herniated disk however some people with radiating leg pain and muscle weakness due to nerve compression may need Back Pain Surgery

    The cost of back pain treatment in India for Back Pain Surgery can range anywhere between Rs. 3,25,000 to Rs. 5,30,000. The cost of medication of back pain surgery cost in India can be between Rs. 300 to Rs. 800.

    Precautions to take: Do not just refrain from all physical movements. If you stop doing any physical activity because of the pain you experience, it actually might harm you in other ways. Inactiveness might make the muscles weak and the joints will become stiff. Keeping some light activity such as walking, a little bit of stretching would be recommended to maintain the flexibility in the body. In the preliminary stage, seeing a general physician might be enough. But our advice is essential to get an appointment with a spine specialist when the initial treatment doesn’t help much.